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Inspired by the beautiful coast of Portugal, our intimate dining experience is itself a destination. 


Discover the Flavors of Portugal

Indulge in the authentic flavors of Portugal with our carefully curated menu, featuring a diverse selection of traditional dishes crafted with the freshest and finest ingredients.


“This place has to be Long Branch's secret. Absolutely delicious with an incredible atmosphere with impeccable service.”

Daryl Southwood, Google Review


Every meal at Marbelo is cooked with sustainable ingredients locally and straight from Portugal and Spain right to our restaurant at the Jersey Shore.

A Real
Portuguese Experience

Carefully Curated

Flavors meticulously selected and recipes passionately crafted

Portuguese Owned

Coming from true Portuguese heritage 


Private Events

Receive expert guidance to assist you in creating a spectacular event that reflects your unique taste and preferences. From conceptualizing the menu and layout to designing the entire event plan, we provide professional support to ensure that your vision becomes reality.


Land of Explorers

Today, the direct descendantes of Portugal’s great seafarers and explorers are beginning to discover the value on their wine estates (Quintas), which date from Portugal’s golden age.

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